Challenges We Focus On

Values Journey delivers benefits on an individual, team and organisational level. Our major focus and success with client organisations has been in creating a partnership and together addressing the following challenges to create the corresponding cultural and behavioural outcomes.

Our contribution focusses on the following twelve most common values related challenges that organisations face.

Challenge / Issue

Employee Engagement Symptom: High staff turnover, poor performance, demotivation
Desired outcome: Staff retention, increased performance, motivation

Leadership Development Symptom: Lack of results & inspiration, leaders leaving organisation
Desired outcome: Improved results & inspired leaders and teams

Personal Development Symptom: Demotivated staff, work lacking meaning,no direction
Desired outcome: Motivated staff, meaningful work, purposeful direction

Team Performance Symptom: Team under-performing, conflict, blame, excuses
Desired outcome: High performing teams, synergy, responsibility

Performance Management Symptom: Low performance, lack of responsibility &communication
Desired outcome: High performance, taking responsibility, open communication

Attract and Retain Talent Symptom: Poor selection, talent leaving, High mgmnt & staff turnover
Desired outcome: Attract talent, employer of choice, retention

Aligning Values/Purpose Symptom: Behaviour undermines desired Values and purpose
Desired outcome: Behaviour reflects desired values and purpose

Systems Aligned to Culture Symptom: Systems undermine target / desired culture
Desired outcome: Systems re-enforce & reflect target / desired culture

Passion / Commitment Symptom: Low levels of passion, lack of discretionary effort
Desired outcome: High levels of passion, going the “extra mile”

Induction Programs Symptom: New recruits not clear on values, culture, purpose
Desired outcome: New recruits clear & inspired by values, culture, purpose

Change Managment Symptom: Denial or resistance to change, new ideas & approaches
Desired outcome: Commitment to desired change, new ideas & approaches

Culture Transformation Symptom: Poor results, non-competitive, lack of commitment
Desired outcome: Results, sustainable competitive advantage
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