Client Recommendations

What clients say about their experiences of Peter Ernest and Values Journey?

"You had a very big impact on the group. I don't think I have seen the group give such a high rating to a Resource Speaker before... They are very keen to have you back...Thank you again for giving (us) such a wonderful experience and great tool for developing some real purpose in our lives."

Harvey - Chairman

"Excellent. The most meaningful part for me was seeing myself as I really am. I would recommend Values Journey to other members of our global hotel chain."

Robert - General Manager of flagship property of international hotel chain

"My greatest learning (from the Personal Values Journey) was that my life balance is out ... to cut down from the 80 to 100 hours a week that I work."

John - Consultant

"We then asked all of a one thousand people to be involved in ... actually saying what sort of behaviors apply for those values ... we wanted their personal involvement because our performance management system is being amended to include values and behaviors."

Danielle – GM Human Resources

"Quite a big change, a change in the language which was used. We also now had a frame of reference for internal processes we use to do with recruitment and selection as well as our performance management system."

Clare – In-house HR consultant

"What is particularly pleasing for me is when I meet groups of our staff, they actually talk in a more enthusiastic and positive way than they did 18 months ago."

Ian - Group Managing Director

"Peter is a facilitator of the highest calibre, and Values Journey provides a fascinating insight into what values drive your life. It can be a life-changing experience as it was for many of the international group of entrepreneurs who participated at our conference."

Ben – CEO

"Peter’s two Values Journey sessions were, interactive, educational and fun and also ideal for the large group and their spouses, from a wide variety of countries and cultures. He definitely contributed to the overall success of the event."

Lawrence - President

"I have experienced Peter Ernest on several occasions including with my group of companies. His presentation style is unique, entertaining and powerful. Values Journey is a great way to understand yourself. He has exceeded my expectations every time that I have participated in one of his sessions."

Paul - President

"I probably learnt more about the organisation and the people in the last three days (of our Values Journey program) than I have in the last three months since I started working here."

David -Team member

"It was great. The facilitator’s professionalism, experience and confidence was excellent."

Mary - Manager

"I liked the idea of doing the opening session (at the start of the week) and the closing session (at the end of the week) to provide a snapshot of the change over the Leadership program."

Neil – Manager

"We did it ourselves, we rolled it out with our own people and I think that made a considerable difference to the way it was accepted by the staff ... because it was their fellow workers that were taking them through the process ... I have absolutely no doubt that already there is a change going on and has gone on ... the Values Journey experience ... has led to a major shift in the organisation."

Ian - Group Managing Director

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