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A Values Journey Keynote Experience is an ideal option for organsations who have conferences, meetings or large special events and who are seeking, in a single or perhaps several sessions, to address issues of maximizing performance of individuals and teams, motivation, engagement and alignment to the team or organisational culture. Any group size, with suitable space and facilities, can be accommodated. We have successfully conducted fully interactive Keynote Experiences for one thousand or more participants. The content of a Values Journey Keynote Experience usually involves
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VJ1: Personal Values (current values) or
VJ1: Personal Values (current, desired values & action plan)

However, in addition the session can touch on the content of one or more of the phases or support sessions of Values Journey as outlined

The presentation can be a partly or fully customized, in which case one or more pilot sessions with small test groups may be required to complete and fine tune the design of the session as well as the materials, logistics etc, well before the event date.

The Keynote Experience can also be effective as a breakout or concurrent session and can be of 90 minutes duration or more with optional follow up support sessions as required.

"Peter is a facilitator of the highest calibre, and Values Journey provides a fascinating insight into what values drive your life. It can be a life-changing experience as it was for many of the international group of entrepreneurs who participated at our conference."

Ben – CEO

"Peter’s two Values Journey sessions were, interactive, educational and fun and also ideal for the large group and their spouses, from a wide variety of countries and cultures. He definitely contributed to the overall success of the event."

Lawrence - President
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