Licensing & Accreditation Programs

Values Journey Licensing & Accreditation Programs are an ideal solution for organsations who want to utilise their own in-house facilitators. In challenging times organizations may be seeking a flexible, cost effective, self managed process to address issues of maximizing performance of individuals and teams, motivation, engagement and alignment to the team or organisational culture. You may be choosing to do this across the entire organisation or at least down through multiple levels and across different business units or even regions. You would typically have a large number of staff or team members (usually 1000 minimum through to several thousand staff) and prefer to expose groups or teams to the Values Journey experience, in smaller more intimate groups, one group at a time. You may be seeking flexibility on duration and frequency of the sessions or even a partly or totally customized solution, to fit into an induction program, a leadership development program or other values or culture based initiative.

"We did it ourselves, we rolled it out with our own people and I think that made a considerable difference to the way it was accepted by the staff ... because it was their fellow workers that were taking them through the process ... I have absolutely no doubt that already there is a change going on and has gone on ... the Values Journey experience ... has led to a major shift in the organisation."

Ian - Group Managing Director

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