VJ "Live" FAQ's

1. What are values and why do I need to know more about my own values?

Values are the things that are important to you. A simple definition we like to use is that values are the priciples, standards or rules by which you live. They are therefore the drivers or generators of your actions, behaviours, choices and decisions. They can provide us with a direction and certainly can serve as our “compass” for experiencing, exploring and navigating our way through life. The Values Journey logo embodies this symbolism.

2. How long does Values Journey take?

Values Journey can be experienced over a Keynote or breakout experience of a 90 minutes, a multi-day Team Program through to a Rollout conducted over several months. The duration of the initial phase, VJ1: Personal Values can be experienced in part in as little as around two hours although a half day is preferred. The next phase VJ2: Group Values takes between a half-day and a full day. VJ3: Group Purpose and VJ:4 Values into Action are conducted over a half-day or more. The implementation of the VJ5: Values into Systems can take several months or more. With the timing usually dependand on the scope of work and the size, complexity and stage of the life-cycle of the organisation.

3. How many people can participate at once?

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Values Journey is usually conducted with groups ranging from small teams of around six participants through to larger groups of several 100 or more. Larger group sizes of over 1000 have been conducted, with the only essential requirement being the “table space” necessary for participants. The typical group size is from 16 to 24 with smaller groups naturally having a more intimate experience. Personal coaching sessions can be conducted with small groups of team members in conflict, with two people or “one on one”.

4. When is the ideal time to start your Values Journey?

Almost any time is suitable. It is ideal during periods of change to either open minds before, or to build commitment after, the change. Values Journey can be most effective when teams are forming or introducing new members, during start-ups, acquisitions or mergers, when team spirit or the culture needs re-vitalization or when communicating a new strategic direction.

5. How is Values Journey “Live” presented?

Values Journey can be presented as a Keynote Experience at an event, as a Team Program at a retreat or as a Roll-out session for managers or team members. It works powerfully as a component of an induction or culture alignment program, for personal and leadership development and in a teambuilding context. The sessions are highly interactive, engaging and fun and we facilitate with high energy and at a fast pace. Individual participation is a critical element of the process with a stimulating and safe learning environment being created.

6. Who presents Values Journey “Live”?

Peter Ernest, founder and Chief Experience Orchestrator leads a national team of accredited Values Journey facilitators who are contractors, based around Australia. Our facilitators are highly experienced, extensively trained professionals and have a passion for their work.

7. Where can Values Journey “Live” be presented?

Values Journey can be presented in practically any location or venue in the world, providing the space, room set up and audio visual requirements can be provided. Generally from a space requirement, as long as the round (or square/rectangular) tables can fit into the space, a session can be conducted.

8. How is Values Journey “Live” different from other available tools?

Picture 2 The Values Journey process has the potential to be a powerful and profound experience, to encourage reflection and stimulate change. It is different from many self-assessment tools and psychological instruments in the simplicity and interactive style of the process. Most refreshing is the non-categorizing / non-judgmental, coaching approach in which participants are inspired to take personal responsibility. They are empowered to interpret the own insights and to initiate themselves, the changes they choose to make personally, in their teams, divisions, business units or throughout the entire organisation.

9. Who is Values Journey “Live” for?

Values Journey is ideal for all levels of the organisation. The starting point is usually with the CEO and the executive team, cascading down through the management levels to ideally all the team members. The simplicity of the model and interactive methodology allow easy understanding by participants of any age, nationality, background, education level or previous experience.

10. What industries do Values Journey’s client’s come from?

Our clients span a wide range of industries including Airline, Automotive, Banking, Construction & Design, Education and Training, Energy, Fashion, Food, Hospitality, Insurance, Manufacturing, Mining, Professional Services, Publishing, Recruitment, Real Estate, Sustainability, Technology, Transport & Logistics and Wine. Clients include global corporations, multi-nationals, national organisations, franchises, family businesses and SMEs. We also work with sporting clubs, schools and universities as well as Not for Profit and charity organizations. Clients can range in size from under 50 employees to organisations with tens of thousands of employees.

11. Which countries has Values Journey been presented in?

Values Journey has been presented all around Australia since the late 1990’s to CEOs, executives and teams from well over 1000 organisations. Internationally Values Journey has been presented in over a dozen countries, in New Zealand, extensively throughout Asia in China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand, in the Middle East in Lebanon, South Africa and United States of America.

12. Is Values Journey licensing and accreditation available to our organisation?

Values Journey offers a licensing and accreditation process to larger organisations with several thousand employees to empower internal facilitators to present Values Journey within the organisation. After Executive Team participation and commitment to the process, organisations (or parts of the organisation) can be licensed. An accreditation program and process is then conducted for groups from 4 to around 20 candidate facilitators. An ongoing process maintains facilitator quality and skills development through annual master-classes.

13. What are the costs involved to participate in Values Journey?

The total professional fee for a typical Values Journey program are made up of two components, being a facilitation fee (for the facilitation team to present the session) plus a participant fee (a rate per person covering materials, consumables, hand-outs and use of the IP within the session).

The facilitation fee can range from USD$3,000 to USD$6,000 or more per day, depending on your choice of the level of the facilitator/s (accredited, senior or master facilitator) required.

The participant fee can range from USD$40 to USD$100+ or more per person (depending on group size, program content, materials etc) and as a rule of thumb can generally be calculated as USD$100 per participant per phase or module of Values Journey.

Licensing and accreditation allows larger organisations to significantly reduce costs, using their own in-house VJ accredited facilitators (compared to VJ facilitators), therefore eliminating the facilitation fee per session and therefore paying only the participant fee, over and above the licensing and accreditation costs

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