VJ “Live” Program Choices

How can you bring Values Journey into our team or organisation? There are options within the four broad categories of, Keynote Experiences, Team Programs, Roll-outs and Licensing & Accreditation. The table below contains a brief outline of the options

Option / Description Pax (No.) Challenge Duration
Keynote Experience

A high impact experience for a large group, usually at a conference, ideally to kick off the event or raise the energy and interaction
Conference or event delegates
(Up to 1000 or more)
Cultural or engagement issue
Large number of participants
Expose entire group at one time
Flexibility on duration
2 hours to
2 days
Team Programs

A program for a group or team with flexible options for both the initial experience as well as follow up sessions
Executive or other teams
(8 to 24+)
Motivation/Teambuilding need
Short lead time to urgent start
Flexible options required
Single or multiple sessions
Small team or group
2 hour, half day or full day x multiple session options
Roll-out Sessions

One or more experiences which are repeated to a series of groups across and down through multiple levels, business units or regions
Entire organistion / dept / division
(8 to 24 +)
Cultural or engagement issue
Large number of participants
Expose one team or group at a time
Flexibility on duration & frequency
2 hours to 2 days x multiple session options
Licensing & Accreditation

In-house facilitators are trained to present one or more phases of Values Journey to roll out through the business
Internal facilitators / trainers or nominated “champions”
(4 to 12+)
Cultural or engagement issue
Large number of participants
Need to expose one team/group at a time. Flexibility on duration & frequency, Want In-house facilitation, flexibility & a cost-effective solution
4 to 5 days initially then annual Master Classes

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