VJ "Online" FAQ's

1. What are values and why do I need to know more about my own values?

Values are those things that are most important to you. A simple definition we like to use is that values are the priciples, standards or rules by which you live. They are therefore, the drivers or generators of your actions, behaviours, choices and decisions. Knowing your values is a fundamental part of understanding yourself and others as well as a key to creating and living a meaningful life. Your values can provide you with a direction and certainly can serve as your “compass” for experiencing, exploring and navigating your way through your life. The Values Journey name and our “compass/world” logo embody this symbolism.

2. What is the VJ “online” experience and how is it different from the VJ “live” experience?

The VJ “online” experience is a web-based personal development activity. Values Journey has been presented as a “live” experience to groups from one to over one thousand, mainly to organisations, for many years. The online experience allows individuals to participate in Values Journey at the time, place and pace of their own choice. The essence of the experience is the same as VJ “live”, but instead of sorting cards from a deck and turning them over, you simply drag and click using your mouse. In the live experience it is done in a group whereas with the online experience you have the choice to do it alone or to have others participate at the same time as you (providing they have a seperate computer, internet access etc) either in the room together with you or remotely.

3. What benefits will I get from doing the VJ “online” experience?

The benefits you will receive are many and diverse. On a practical level, you will gain clarity on your current values, you will explore and identify your desired values and clearly see the “gap” as well as gain ideas on actions to be taken to bring about the change. Insights gained will relate to work / life balance, achieving goals, stimuating crreativity, improving relationships, understanding your self and others amongst many others. Quite simply, you will gain a deeper understanding of yourself.

4. Why should I do it right now and how long will it take me to complete?

Your life has brought you to this opportunity right here, right now! Do you trust your own intuition and journey?

The process of prioritizing your current values will only take, after a brief introduction, between five and ten minutes. However to hear the interpretation of a series of simple models, to reflect on the meaning in relation to you and your life and to formulate your desired values and then print out your values “profile” and “map” will take slightly longer and will be differ from person to person. A “first time” journeyer will usually take up to a total of between thirty and forty five minutes to complete the process although if you are revisiting your Values Journey, it can take as little as fifteen or twenty minutes. It is a fun, fast moving and engaging process so you are likely to become completely immersed in the process, lose track of time and enjoy it tremendously.

5. What do I need to do before I can start my VJ “online” experience?

There are a few important things you need to do. From an administrative point of view, you need to have your VJ username and password available. If not please request a new VJ username and password from us. Payment will need to have been made.

From a practical point of view, your will need (and are likely to be using right now) a computer with internet connection as well as access to a colour printer to print out your values “profile” and “map”. You would want to ensure you have a quiet space, no interuptions (emails or phonecalls) and turn off your mobile phone. You are now ready to begin your “journey”.

6. What will I actually physically get, as an output, at the end of the experience?

In addition to profound insights, self understanding and clarity, you will take away (by printing out yourself) a colour printout “profile” of your current personal values as well as a “map” of your desired values. You will recieve information to further interpret your values as well as retain your personal username and password enabling you to return to view your own results at any time.

7. Who can do the VJ “online” experience?

Values Journey is designed for everybody, however there are some requirements, limitations and guidelines we would advise.

Ages - any adult (or “young adult”) from around twelve years old could participate, with younger children from around ten years old possibly needing an adult for clarification or explanation at odd times.

Language - currently VJ “online” is available in English only.

Challenges – we have designed the experience, (despite the critical role of the VJ models and colours), to be able to be fully understood and comprehanded by those who have a challenge with “colour blindness” or even just making the distinction between colours. Other challenges would not prevent participation in VJ “online” providing there is a support person available to assist the participating person with either the communication (which is delivered by video, audio and in writing) or the physical activity (dragging and clicking the mouse) that is required by the process.

8. Can more than one person do it at the same time?

Absolutely! Two or more can participants can do the VJ “online” process simultaneously providing they each have

(a) Access to their “own” computer and screen
(b) Internet access
(c) Username and password (ie seperate payment has been made)

Other than the above, there is practically no limit to the number of participants, in the one room at the one time other than

9. Are my values likely to change over time?

An interesting question! Yes, most people’s values can and will change during their “journey” through life. Some people believe that their values do not significantly change, however the experience of tens of thousands of participants though Values Journey over the years suggests that for most people, significant events in life are either generated by, or lead to, change in personal values.

10. Can I review my “results” in the future and redo VJ online to see how my values have changed?

Sure! That is really the whole idea of the “journey”! You can, with your username and password, review your “results” to see changes. We suggest that you revisit the VJ online experience regularly, for many it is at least once a year (on a significant day, birthday, anniversary, New Year etc) but more frequently, especially if you are going through major change, challenges, opportunities etc. Some Values Journey “junkies” have been known to revisit and redo their values, on a monthly basis. The choice and opportunity is yours.

11. How much does it cost to do the VJ “online” experience?

The cost per journey of the VJ “online” experience depends on the number of journeys purchased.

During the “Beta” stage of development, VJ “online” is being offered exclusively to Values Journey current organisational clients and associates in “bundles of Journeys”, as outlined below.

Note: all prices include Goods & Services Tax (GST)

Number of
Cost Per Journey
Total "Bundle"
Cost AUD$
1 $198 per Journey $198 0 0
2 $198 per Journey $396 0 0
4 $198 per Journey $792 0 1
8 $198 per Journey $1,584 1 1
16 $198 per Journey $3,168 2 2
32 $198 per Journey $6,336 4 4
64 $198 per Journey $12,672 6 6
128 $198 per Journey $25,344 12 12
256 $198 per Journey $50,688 24 24
512 $198 per Journey $101,376 48 48

Values Journey - Price List Definitions

Bonus Journeys

Bonus Journeys are additional Online Journeys awarded to the purchaser, over and above the number of those purchased, in recognition of the purchase of Bundles of 8 or more Online Journeys.

Gifted Journeys

Gifted Journeys are additional Online Journeys awarded to one or more pre-determined Charitable Organisations by Values Journey, seperate from both the Online Journeys purchased as well as the Bonus Journeys awarded, and occur on purchases of Bundles of 4 or more Online Journeys.

"Online Values Journey"

Is the web based, online experience of Values Journey Phase One: Persoanl Values, for an individual. It is accessed through the Values Journey website by a username and password which are provided upon reciept of payment.

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Orders of each “bundle” are for the specific use of the one organisation (and their associates) or family and are not for further distribution through agents or third parties.

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