VJ “Online” Order Form

The cost per journey of the VJ “online” experience depends on the number of journeys purchased.

During the “Beta” stage of development, VJ “online” is being offered exclusively to Values Journey current organisational clients and associates in “bundles of Journeys”, as outlined below.

Note: all prices include Goods & Services Tax (GST)

Number of
Cost Per Journey
Total "Bundle"
Cost AUD$
1 $198 per Journey $198 0 0
2 $198 per Journey $396 0 0
4 $198 per Journey $792 0 1
8 $198 per Journey $1,584 1 1
16 $198 per Journey $3,168 2 2
32 $198 per Journey $6,336 4 4
64 $198 per Journey $12,672 6 6
128 $198 per Journey $25,344 12 12
256 $198 per Journey $50,688 24 24
512 $198 per Journey $101,376 48 48

Values Journey - Price List Definitions

Bonus Journeys

Bonus Journeys are additional Online Journeys awarded to the purchaser, over and above the number of those purchased, in recognition of the purchase of Bundles of 8 or more Online Journeys.

Gifted Journeys

Gifted Journeys are additional Online Journeys awarded to one or more pre-determined Charitable Organisations by Values Journey, seperate from both the Online Journeys purchased as well as the Bonus Journeys awarded, and occur on purchases of Bundles of 4 or more Online Journeys.

"Online Values Journey"

Is the web based, online experience of Values Journey Phase One: Persoanl Values, for an individual. It is accessed through the Values Journey website by a username and password which are provided upon reciept of payment.

Click on the link below to purchase "Online Values Journey"

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Orders of each “bundle” are for the specific use of the one organisation (and their associates) or family and, as outlined in our “Terms and Conditions” are not for further distribution through agents or third parties.

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