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Values Journey Roll-out Sessions are an ideal option for organsations seeking to address issues of maximizing performance of individuals and teams, motivation, engagement and alignment to the team or organisational culture across and down through multiple levels, business units or regions. The organisation may have a large number of staff or team members. There may have a need to expose teams or groups to the Values Journey experience, for operational reasons, in smaller more intimate groups, one group at a time. In addition the organization may be seeking flexibility on duration, frequency of the sessions or even a partly or totally customized solution.

The content can involve any part or combination of the Values Journey phases or support sessions below, providing that the leadership has experienced and agreed on the message to be communicated to the teams.

VJ1: Personal Values (current & desired)
VJ2: Group Values (past, present & target)
VJ3: Strategic Purpose (identity, vision, mission and values)
VJ4: Values into Action (behavior, key behaviours, heroic stories)
VJ5: Values into Systems (integration into systems and processes)
VJ6: Values with Passion (experiential activities / challenges to re-enforce values behaviours)
VJ7: Values Integration (questionnaires, surveys, benchmarking and analysis of change) Picture 2

Roll-out sessions can be of duration from two hours up to two days with optional follow up sessions as required.

"It was great. The facilitator’s professionalism, experience and confidence was excellent."

Mary - Manager

"I liked the idea of doing the opening session (at the start of the week) and the closing session (at the end of the week) to provide a snapshot of the change over the Leadership program."

Neil – Manager
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