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Culture VIEWS Survey

Purpose: To benchmark the cultural climate and areas of weakness
Benefits: To acknowledge and identify potential areas for development
Method: Survey completed before and sometime after the program, results compared, analysed, presented
Tools: Diagnostic tool Culture V.I.E.W.S. Survey
Outcome: To measure the impact of the Values Journey process on the team, group or organisation
Duration: Group contact time 15 min to administer, 45 minutes to report feedback plus analysis, report

Organisational Link

Purpose: To “colour” the organisational values (after agreement by leadership) with staff
Benefits: Participatoion in and engagement with the organisational values
Method: Facilitation of group discussion, powerpoint
Tools: Velcro boards, colour laminated values
Outcome: Buy in, commitment and a “sense of ownership” of the organisational values
Duration: 1 to 3 hours

Personal Alignment Strategy

Purpose: To identify individual focus and actions required to align to group values
Benefits: Personal responsibility for behavior change
Method: Case study example, story-telling, discussion, ideas
Tools: Action plan worksheets, powerpoint, velcro boards, colour laminated values
Outcome: Clarity or responsibility, action to become a high performing and contributing member
Duration: 1 to 3 hours

Partnership Values and Behaviours

Purpose: Get two or more teams, who work together, to agree on their partnership values
Benefits: Deeper mutual understanding, respect and co-operation
Method: Personal, team and relationship values and behaviours
Tools: VJ decks both personal and organisational, velcro boards, colour laminated values
Outcome: Groups in agreement and committed to new partnership values
Duration: 5 to 6 hours

Crisis as Catalyst for Transformation

Purpose: Acknowledge a crisis as an opportunity for positive change
Benefits: Honest communication on the crisis and on thriving in very challenging, turbulent times
Method: Group values on a pre, during and post crisis basis, behaviours
Tools: Case studies, examples, stories, VJ materials, velcro boards, colour laminated values
Outcome: Shift in attitude from being a victim of the crisis to a proactive, powerful leader of change
Duration: 5 to 6 hours

Values-based Teambuilding

Picture 1
Purpose: Learning powerful principles in an unforgettable way
Benefits: Fun, energizing, issues including leadership, teamwork, communication, trust etc.
Method: Experiential activities and challenges with a structured debrief focused on values
Tools: Huge variety, balls, blindfolds, ropes, games, activities, rocks etc
Outcome: Learning applications translated to the workplace, inspired individuals and teams
Duration: 30 mins to 1 or more days

Coaching through Values (values based coaching)

Purpose: Integrating desired values into both personal life and leadership, management or teams
Benefits: Individual focus on bringing values to life
Method: One on one sessions with a fully accredited coaches face to face, or over the phone.
Tools: Both VJ and traditional coaching tools
Outcome: Personal and professional development, values driven leadership
Duration: 60 minute+ per session, packages to suit individuals and organisations

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