Team Programs

The Team Programs are designed for businesses who are seeking an initial experience as well as the choice of flexible options to address issues of maximizing performance of individuals and teams, motivation, engagement and alignment to the team or organisational culture. Three Team Program options are available as an initial experience of Values Journey, over durations of two hours, a half day or a full day, each with a wide range of choices for one or a series of follow up and support sessions.

"I have experienced Peter Ernest on several occasions including with my group of companies. His presentation style is unique, entertaining and powerful. Values Journey is a great way to understand yourself. He has exceeded my expectations every time that I have participated in one of his sessions."

Paul - President
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"I probably learnt more about the organisation and the people in the last three days (of our Values Journey program) than I have in the last three months since I started working here."

David -Team member
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