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Brief History Timeline in Highlights – Peter Ernest and Values Journey

2010 Online Personal Values Journey goes live. New website launched.

2009 Online Personal Values Journey developed and tested. New website designed and tested. Peter Ernest takes Values Journey to the United States for a month long tour.

2008 Values Journey invited to returns to the United States of America. Values Journey to South Africa (Cape Town) where the team conducts a total of four sessions (two pairs of concurrent sesion) for 600 participants in a morning at four different venues National Accreditation for icon Australian organisation, with facilitators from six states Values Jourmey returns to USA presenting to CEOs (Vistage) in Silicon Valley, California.

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2007 Inducted into TEC 100% Club (maximum rating from every participant in a TEC group) Mega session for 1000 participants with purpose designed and erected central stage with four giant screens, 125 tables in a huge exhibition space (Brisbane, Qld Australia). Values Journey to New Zealand. Values Journey to the United States of America.

2006 Values-based teambuilding sessions incorporated into management / supervisor roll-out program Accreditation Program (Qld Australia,) Accreditation Program (WA Australia).

2005 Accreditation of Values Journey facilitators (Vic, Australia) Licensing & Accreditation in Sydney Licensing & Accreditation in Darwin.

2004 Video shoot of Licensed & Accredited Organisation (brief excerpts of interviews and facilitation) First Values Journey Mega-session keynote for Meetings Industry Association of Austraila (formerly MIAA, now MEA) National Conference, for 420 participants.

2003 Organisational Licensing & Accreditation – Facilitation Module (BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance) Associate Licensing and Accreditation Program conducted (Melb. Aust) BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance commences Values Journey as key component of monthly Leadership Program, from Feb ’03 to Dec ‘08 Culture V.I.E.W.S. Survey developed and administered on client organisations. Peter Ernest awarded Resource of the Year, Southern Region by The Executive Connection (TEC). Licensing & Accreditation of a team of twelve facilitators for a 1000 person rollout.

2002 Values Journey to Lebanon (YPO). Values Journey facilitates nation-wide roll-out throughout a business of 800 participants. Awarded best presentation - creativity stream at the AITD National Conference (Australian Institute of Training & Development) in Sydney. Australia Organisational Licensing & Accreditation – Foundation Module (BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance).

2001 First video of Values Journey program for a family business in Melbourne, Australia. Values Journey taken to China and Malaysia (YPO). Seven Phase Values Integration Model developed. Peter Ernest presents Values Journey at prestigious ASTD International Conference and Expo (Florida, USA).

2000 Values Journey established as a proprietary limited company in Australia, based in Melbourne. First Team / Group Values Journey sessions developed and conducted.

1999 Values Journey brand, logo and models created. Peter Ernest delivers Values Journey opening keynote at first FBA (Family Business Australia) National Conference, Hyatt Regency Coolum.
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1997 Personal Values sessions conducted within resort induction program (Couran Cove Resort).

1996 Values - Building on 10 years in “people development”, Peter Ernest researches values models.

1995 Peter Ernest delivers opening keynote at the YPO University at Hyatt Regency Coolum.

1988 Hyatt Regency Coolum - Establishes the Phoenix Program together with Dr John Tickell whose vision inspired the development of Hyatt Regency Coolum, on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

1982-6 Architect - Peter Ernest, as an honour degree graduate, works for architecture firms whose Clients include entrepreneurs Alan Bond, Christopher Skase and Eddie Kornhauser 1986 Camp Eden Health Retreat -Roles including Forum (Seminar) Leader, based at Australia’s First Holistic Health Retreat on the Gold Coast.

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