Our Uniqueness


In addition to our innovative process, we believe that it is our philosophy and approach to learning and change, being a reflection and embodiment of our purpose and values, which contribute to Values Journey being such a unique and powerful experience.


We believe that learning is most effective and enjoyable when the participant is fully engaged (physically, emotionally, mentally etc) in a process of self-discovery in a safe, supportive, non judgemental, respectful and most importantly a fun learning environment.

We believe that creating the environment and opportunity for the individual to gain the awareness to make the personal choice to change (with ongoing support in that process) is both respectful and is more likely to lead to commitment and a sustainable change.

We believe that neither teams nor organisations actually change (by themselves) but rather that individuals and leaders can change and in doing so can positively contribute to the change, growth or transformation of the group.


We captivate participants by both inspiring and encouraging them to engage fully in the activities, sharing, discussion.

We keep the experience fast (with reflection time) fun and with a sense of anticipation for what is to come.

We seek to be a “true facilitator or coach” in that we aim to draw out the learning or awareness from the individual rather than to be the “all knowing” guru. We prefer to challenge and facilitate rather than to simply tell, advise or recommend.


We are proud of the Values Journey facilitators and the Values Journey training provided to them. Each of our facilitator / coach associates is carefully screened and selected on their values, character and behavior as well as their skills and experience to ensure the highest standards.

Values Journey has a growing number of high quality associates who own independent coaching, consulting and facilitation businesses, each experts in specific areas and with extensive experience in particular industries. As a dynamic and complementary team, they form a network of professionals, all accredited in Values Journey, providing diverse approaches and solutions to your existing and emerging leadership and business challenges.


We provide simple, easy to use and brilliantly designed materials to ensure the experience is fun and engaging and that the learning is ongoing. Whether it is the materials the participants use in the session, the “take home” information and reminders of their experience or the equipment that the facilitators use during the process, everything has been created to make the learning simple and memorable.

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